Full Automatic roller


  • Main body made of high endurance platine.
  • Roll are balanced and placed parallel to each other.
  • Opening and closing of rolls is controlling by pneumatic pressure.
  • Rolls can be calibrated manually by 2 regulating handles according to manometer.
  • Rolls are cleaning by control brushes automatically.
  • Rotation of feeding rolls can be manufactured in 2 types: with motor and with gears.
  • Movement system of main rolls can be manufactured in 2 types: with gears and with time belts.
  • In 2 systems minimum vibration levels provided, and have estetic view according to the nova days technology.
  • Rolls’ handle is conical bearing connected, bearing bushing system is without couplings.
  • Rolls’ bushings are strong against high working pressure, and made of casting steel.
  • Two feeding rolls working cause of opening-closing of feeding plate according to the flow of product.
  • Maintenance and dismantling of rolls is easy and quick.

Roller Mill X Model - Technical Drawing


Roller Mill X Model - Technical Details