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  • Plansifter is on of the main machines in milling section of flour mill which provides sieving of products
  • For tensioning of the sieves special calibration device.
  • Total impermeability is provided and no free space left between sieves.
  • Cases are easy removable.
  • Each passage can be used with two entries as two passages.
  • Of the calibration ability of centrifugal force it is possible to calibrate the diameter of the rotation of plansifter.
  • Inner side of plansifter is done by the normatives of the food processing industry.
  • Inner sides of plansifter have smooth surface and it provides smonth flow of product and prevent any insects and larva formation.
  • Machine is used in mills for high productivity in sieving of products.
  • Machine has high productivity and small sizes.
  • Cases and teloras can be used in different sizes and height

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