De Stoner (animal feed)

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  • This machine is used in cleaning of grain, especially for the removal of stones from grain products, the removal of stones and impurities before grain enters the milling section is crucial for machine life time and end product quality.
  • Different products can be cleaned by this machine like: wheat, barley, rice, maize, peas, soya, teff etc.
  • This machine is usually installed after the Grain Separator.
  • Adjustable body angle.
  • Closed system means no dust leaks or product spillage.
  • Interchangeable sieves according to product to be cleaned.
  • Lighter impurities like dust, stalks etc is removed by aspiration.
  • By the air, which is sucked out the air outlet on top of the machine, grain homogeneously spreads on the whole surface of sieves.
  • Available in 3 to 15 ton per hour models.